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Born and raised in the California Bay Area, 24 year old Nigerian artist Adaora is a natural-born creative and visionary artist. Her music is packed with infectious grooves that make you want to dance all night. Taking inspiration from Sade and Amy Winehouse, Adaora hopes to create music that invokes a feeling, stirs emotions, and always brings feel-good vibrations. Since 2019, she’s been exploring her range; from releasing Alt. R&B/Soul based tracks such as Sticky Sweet andSpace and Time, to dabbling in Funk/House with All I Need (TLC) and Another Chance, and dipping to Afropop with Top Dolla and Champloo.

“With a budding catalog of solid singles, Adaora has the ingredients to be a proper new school R&B/Soul artist or make a name for herself as a Afrosoul artist as the genre grows in the States.” As a child, Adaora was extremely shy, always to herself and didn’t really listen to music at all. The first time she ever picked up a mic was at karaoke night at her cousin's house, and she hasn’t put the mic down since. That was the night her family convinced her to sign up for the 4th grade talent show. By the 8th grade she was in the honors choir and had participated in many talent shows, but she didn’t begin releasing music until college, making the decision to focus on school.“My parents wanted me to be a nurse. I wanted to be a music major, but I decided to compromise and get a degree in business marketing,” says Adaora.

While in her college dorm, she had a moment where she realized she was so focused on school work that she was neglecting her true passion, music. Determined to start recording her own music, she found a studio near her school and started recording as much as she could. This led to her releasing her first official single, Sticky Sweet, in 2019, which was the start of her ever-growing music journey.

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